Artist profiles:

A photo of your loved one or pet will be sent to the artist of your choice from which they will create a quality drawing or painting.  Your approval will be requested before artwork is finalized and framed.

Since the price of the artwork can vary, please contact us about a custom portrait before ordering your frame.

Boris Jairala

Medium: Oil

Turnaround: 3 - 8 weeks

Price range: $300 - $1,500


Born, raised and educated in Brooklyn, NY.  Boris is a versatile painter working in several styles and techniques. He's also a frame designer and the creative director of HereAfter frames.   

His painting experience exceeds 15 years and his frame building experience exceeds 7 years.

Ben Angotti

Medium: Oil, acrylic, pencil

Turnaround: 2 - 8 weeks

Price range: $350 - $1,500


Brooklyn resident Ben Angotti works in many different mediums to display images of violence and beauty. He is highly influenced by many different art forms; from classical Renaissance and Baroque art, Asian art and Symbolism, to modern Graffiti art and Erotica.  Often, he weaves these themes together to create pulpy paintings, with subtle allusions to modern culture.  He takes command with any material you throw at him, from spray-paint to Photoshop.  On a daily basis he works as a freelancer of his three disciplines: Painting, Sculpture, and Illustration.

Michele Amatrula

Medium: Pencil, oil

Turnaround: 3 - 8 weeks

Price range: $500 - $1,700

Since graduating Parson’s School of Design in the 1980s, Michele Amatrula has made a name for herself as a realist with her highly detailed drawing and paintings.

Working for a wide array of clients, Michele's illustrations have appeared as book covers, magazine illustrations, collectibles and postage stamps.

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