HereAfter frames are designed and hand crafted using quality materials.

Our 5 frame categories (Keepsake frame, Built-in, Niche, Hanging urn) can be customized with multiple wood combinations or painted designs.

All frames can also be sized to accommodate most urn and keepsake requirements.

You can choose the design, size, materials, shape and colors that suits you best.  We can also help you with your loved one’s memorial image.

      Keepsake frame            Paw print frame                   Built-in                           Niche                       Hanging-urn

                          Starting at  $150                                                 

                          Starting at  $250                                             

                          Starting at  $250                                             

                          Starting at  $350                                                

                          Starting at  $250                                               


Simple: Niche                                      Inlaid wood: Built-in                          Painted: Built-in
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Inlaid: Keepsake frame                     Simple: Hanging urn                         Inlaid wood: Niche
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Inlaid wood: Built-in                        Inlaid wood: Niche                               Custom: Built-in

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