Place your loved ones ashes and keepsakes in one special place.

We know its hard to say goodbye. Please accept our sympathies in your time of grief and allow us to help you honor your family member or pet in a way that celebrates their life and your love.  


You may have lost a loved one recently.  You may otherwise be preparing for the near future.  This is a rough time and the support of friends and family is extremely important.  


Aside from our frames, we would be honored to help you in any other way we can.  There are great resources out there that we will happily refer you to, as well as other products that may suit you better than ours.   


                 HereAfter Frames combines your loved one's memorial image with their urn and Keepsakes.


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No need to display an urn on a shelf somewhere. Our frames will hang on a wall where they can subtly honor our dearly departed.

About HereAfter frames:

When our loved ones or pets pass away, we look to honor them in a way that not only celebrates the life they had, but also as a way for us to remember them hereafter.

HereAfter Frames provide us with a new and beautiful way to pay tribute and cherish the lives who left us in the physical world but whose memories never will.

Our custom designed frames give you the option of combining your loved one's image with their urn and keepsakes.  

HereAfter Frames can be sized to fit your existing urn, paired with a new one, or come with an urn already built in. They can be fully customized and used to display a photo, painting, drawing, or digital photo frame.

The frames serve as a unique tribute.  Also, a small compartment for keepsakes are built into the rear of every frame.


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