Our 4 frame categories (PawPrint, Built-in, Niche, Hanging urn) can be customized with multiple wood combinations or painted designs.

All frames can be sized to accommodate most urn and keepsake requirements.

Choose the design, size, materials, shape and colors that suits you best.  We can also help you with your loved one’s memorial image.

PawPrint Frame 
Hanging - Urn 


                          Starting at  $350                                               

                          Starting at  $450                                                

                          Starting at  $250                                             

                          Starting at  $90                                             

Our most popular pet frame!

Keepsake and Cremains can be stored in the rear. Glue provided to attach paw print.

Built-in urn slides securely into place.  Keepsake compartment in the rear.

The urn from this design hangs from the bottom and can be removed. Great frame for larger pets.

Pair this frame with a traditional vase shaped urn.  Modern and classy.

PawPrint Frame                               Paw print Variations                          Built in - Custom
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    Inlaid frame: Digital upgrade               Custom Built-in Frame             
Horse Urn
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Starting at  $700                                                

     Inlaid wood: Built-in                         Niche Frame                                    Built-in: Painted
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     Inlaid wood: Built-in                     Inlaid wood: Custom                                  Niche Frame

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Our Niche frame is made to be paired with a new or existing standard urn design.

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