*Fact - Despite the growing trend in cremation, Funeral homes and Crematoriums are losing tons of business to online sales.   No wonder... there's simply more options and better prices online.  What do we do about that?

3 proven ways to improve product sales!

As a new company offering innovative products, HereAfter Frames spent a lot of time in the research phase – collecting data through surveys and compiling feedback on memorial product sales and the industry in general. Most of what we found is valuable information that all funeral homes and crematoriums can benefit from. (With online sales increasing every day, we wanted to ensure our product brought something to even the playing field).

Our three main selling points below are guaranteed to boost your revenue when it comes to cremation.

1. Offer more stuff - Do what online sales can't do... get Personal!  It's what you do best anyway!   A pretty urn is nice, but a complimentary decorative shelf, velvet bag, photo frame, and other gifts and suggestions offered as a package deal with every product will give the family more of an incentive to purchase from you.


2. Customization - Yes! Providing machine made products made who-knows-where, is the most cost effective and the most profitable way of selling products.  (in any industry)  However, people nowadays are more inclined to pay more for products that they can customize to their specific preferences.  It makes it "Theirs" while adding value to your service.


3. Personalization - Name plaque and Statement engraving will personalize a product to the person or pet that passed away.  Increasing it's value.  Just like how photo urns are quickly becoming the most sought after products lately.  

Families want this... provide it!  It can also be done as an add-on with a special shelf or separate plaque.




Common example that illustrates the above:  Say you have a family that declined the purchase of a $400 urn because it is "too expensive".  Despite how beautiful and well designed it is.


Now... show that same family a memorial product that can be customized to their preferences, personalized to the person (or pet) it was made for, puts focus on the image, can be conveniently hung on the wall, and has a special place for the keepsakes.  And I'll show you a family that will happily spend $600 


Why?   Because it's more than a just a pretty place for ashes to go inside of.  Alot more!


Apply these facts to your sales and see the difference.

Showroom Frames

Ask us about ordering a FREE frame for your showroom

Niche Frame:

Size and Price:

5 x 7 - $250       MSRP: 500

8 x 10 - $350     MSRP: 800

11 x 14 - $450  MSRP: 900

16 x 20 - $600  MSRP: 1200

Military Frame:

Size and Price:

8 x 10 - $400     MSRP: $900

11 x 14 - $500   MSRP: $1300


Hanging Urn Frame:

Size and Price:

8 x 10 - $250   MSRP: 700

11 x 14 - $350 MSRP: 850

16 x 20 - $450 MSRP: 950


Ask us about ordering a FREE frame for your showroom

Niche Frame:

Size and Price:

4 x 6 - $200      R:400

5 x 7 - $250     R:500

8 x 10 - $350 R:800

11 x 14 - $450 R: 900

Paw Print Frame:

Size and Price:

4 x 6 - $150 R: 300

5 x 7 - $200 R: 400

8 x 10 - $250 R:550


Hanging Urn Frame:

Size and Price:

4 x 6 - $150 R:300

5 x 7 - $200 R:400

8 x 10 - $300 R:650

11 x 14 - $350 R:800

16 x 20 - $450 R:950

Built - In Frame:

Size and Price:

4 x 6 - $200 - 350

5 x 7 - $250 - 450

8 x 10 - $300 - 650

11 x 14 - $350 - 800

16 x 20 - $450 - 950

Keepsake Frame:

Size and Price:

4 x 6 - $75     R:150

5 x 7 - $100   R:200

8 x 10 - $150 R:350

11 x 14 - $200 R: 450

Horse urn:

Size and Price:

1100 - 1800 - $400


R: 900

Vendor packages

Proud members!

Why be a vendor for HereAfter Frames?


  • Easy!  Increases your bottom line

  • Adds value to your service

  • Customers will happily spend more for a memorial that can be both personalized and customized.

  • Double sale for memorial products.  (Your urns are paired with our frames)

  • You can try our products out for FREE!

  • Wholesale and dropship method of sales are available.

Our frames are an upgrade that all of your customers will most certainly consider.   This includes our portrait painting services.
Below we have 3 showroom product packages available to vendors.
Promotional material:   FREE!Free!


Simply let us know your interested in selling our product and we'll send you a promo package that will include:

Brochures, Post cards and an optional poster


You can either make the transaction, or choose a unique promo code that we will use to monitor sales that you referred to us.   You'll get an automated email everytime your customers purchase our frame.   


We can also ship the frames to your business location.


Small package:   $200 - $300



For pet product vendors we offer a small Built-in or Hanging-Urn frame. This frame can be customized with different wood types and will come with a brass plaque to match your showroom and decor.


Your frame will come with a print of a painting or photo of your choosing.


This package will also include an informational vendor pamphlet and brochures to hand out to your customers.  


Add $50 for a Niche frame


*Shipping is included



Large package:   $300 - $500



For funeral homes and crematoriums,  we offer an Adult sized Built-in frame or Hanging urn frame.  This frame can be customized to match your showroom and decor and will come with a brass plaque.


Your showroom frame will be supplied with a print of a painting or photo of your choosing.


This package will also include an informational vendor pamphlet and brochures to hand out to your customers.  


*Shipping is included




Digital photo frame:  Add $50
For people and Pets
This innovative idea will be very catchy and attract the attention of your customers.    We will provide a removable digital photo frame that will be built into the frame.   
Limitations:  These digital frames must be hung near a wall socket and are not  available for our largest frames.   Up to 15" diameter.   
Selling: We provide 2 selling options to our vendors.


​1. Drop ship/Custom orders:

You're customers can choose a frame from your showroom or our brochure.  Then you simply order from us at our "vendor costs".


2. Wholesale:

We provide wholesale prices for some of our standard frames.  Please inquire. Contact page


Our artists have been selected to represent HereAfter Frames Inc because of their exceptional skill and reliability.

Your painting or drawing will be created to perfectly match your expectations and we will show you progress photos to keep you updated with the creation process.  You will also be asked to approve the artwork before it's finalized, mounted on your frame and delivered.  The cost of custom artwork is to be determined with the size and design.

Artist profiles:  Visit artist page

Click on the image below to view our artist profiles and choose one that you'd like to create your memorial painting or drawing.


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